What is a Caregiver Registry, and why should I consider this option?

A Caregiver Registry is a service that pre-qualifies caregiver candidates, whom the consumer hires directly for a referral fee. You are empowered to make decisions directly with your caregivers; no agency interface is necessary.

How do I get started?

Just call us! We want to hear about your unique situation so that we can refer caregiver candidates that will best meet your needs. Time permitting, we encourage in-person interviews. In an emergency situation we can often refer a caregiver candidate right away; a few days is ideal.

What sort of backgrounds do your caregivers have?

Most of our independent caregivers have certified nursing assistant (CNA) or other medical backgrounds. Caregivers take ongoing training, and have a balance of experience, training and social skills. In addition to checking references, Caregiver Connection also provides a background check as part of our 6-Part Screening Process. Many of our caregivers have been with our registry for 5, 10 or more years!

What if a caregiver calls in sick?

Caregiver Connection will do our best to refer a replacement caregiver right away, should your caregiver call in sick. 

Who supervises the caregivers?

With our Caregiver Registry model, you are in charge! You might enlist one of your caregivers to assist with minor management; or, if your loved one has complex medical needs or you live far away, a professional care manager may be for you. A professional care manager is usually an R.N. or social worker who can:

  • Manage caregivers and senior affairs
  • Navigate legal, healthcare, and insurance issues
  • Assess client’s medical needs and make recommendations
  • Pay bills, locate housing, and arrange transportation
  • Advocate for your loved one
  • Facilitate communication with family members

Our knowlegable staff is happy to refer you to a professional care manager; contact us here

Who determines working conditions, compensation, scheduling, etc.?

Clients and families determine details directly with their caregivers. We suggest that you discuss the following: 

  • Caregiver duties: you and your caregivers decide what duties and how they will be performed
  • Compensation ranges: check our Rates page to see current averages
  • Scheduling: clients determine what their needs are, and caregivers may either self-schedule with each other and/or with you, taking some of the burden of micromanaging a schedule. They report their hours to our registry each week, which generates our referral fee.
  • Meals: generally, caregivers furnish their own meals. On 24-hour cases some clients will provide meals for caregivers. Often when our clients go out for a meal with their caregiver, they will treat their caregiver.
  • Housekeeping:  caregivers are generally willing to do housekeeping such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming and grocery shopping. You should discuss with them what your needs are and ask them what they are willing to do.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: if the caregiver is allowed to rest at night, will they have a bedroom? Couch? Recliner? Furnish them a cot? Or should they bring their own bedroll, as in the case of some assisted living environments?
  • Mileage: when caregivers run errands for you, it is appropriate for you to cover their mileage expense, generally around $.56/mile.

Is each caregiver insured, or just your general operations?

In addition to our registry carrying liability insurance, each caregiver is required to carry a liability policy for $500,000. Each caregiver purchases his or her own liability policy, which renews each year and is their responsibility to keep current. Learn more about insurance considerations for employers of independent caregivers here

How flexible are your caregivers?

Generally, our Caregiver Connection caregivers are as flexible as you need them to be, functioning as an adult daughter or son might for her or his own parent, with the added bonus of caregiver training and professionalism.

How does 24-hour care work at Caregiver Connection, Inc?

It usually takes just 3 main caregivers plus a backup to cover a 24 x 7 care situation, provided that the caregivers get the rest that they need. This means that you get to know the same caregivers, lessening that “new-person-in-the-house” feeling.

Do your caregivers do live-in care, for instance, in exchange for room and board?

Years of experience has shown that clients receive more professional care when caregivers do not move in, bag-and-baggage. That is because boundaries are clearer and caregivers bring fresh energy to clients who retain the same caregivers. For example, your live-in caregiver may lack personal space and a sense of “down time” when the relief caregiver is there; complications if the caregiver does not work out as planned; and the concerns of a single individual moving in with a potentially vulnerable senior. 

I don't live in the Portland Metro area, but need help coordinating care for my loved one. Can Caregiver Connection help?

If your loved one has complex medical needs or lives far away, a Professional Care Manager may be right for you. Our knowledgable staff is happy to refer you to a Professional Care Manager; contact us here

For frequently-asked questions on rates, paying your caregiver, insurance and tax information, visit our Rates page

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